How to start a small talk with your escort girl

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For the Paddington escorts client

While most of the paddington escort girls know how to keep the conversation going, you also have your part to play. Whatever topic you might choose, talk is two-way. When she comments or asks a question, you should give feedback. This is a necessity when it comes to a lively conversation. Most of the busty elite and high London escorts would prefer a little talk before “going into details”. First thing your should do is , take a look at Paddington escorts profile  by just visit here . You cannot hire an escort and the first thing you do is start undressing. It doesn’t work that way, a nice talk is essential before you get intimate. Knowing the woman better can actually end up satisfying your needs all the more. For instance, if you start–up a conversation and in the end get to know her sexual fantasies you will hit the nail on the head. By this, I mean you will know exactly where to touch her and get involved in satisfying her sexual whims. It is ideally a “scratch my back I scratch yours” situation. It works well when correctly used.

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Always remember to keep the conversation on a light note. Do not get too engrossed. This helps avoid hurting the escort. It is wise not to get too personal lest she thinks you are going beyond the limit. This is unless you have plans. Some men are looking for high class London escorts to date and if you fall, in this category, you can choose to get a bit personal. Make sure not to raise contentious issues that may leave her frustrated. An irritated girl might not fulfil your needs to the core. They are well-trained hence you might not notice when she gets irate. To avoid this, keep the conversation short.

Some men still don’t know how they can best sustain a talk. This is natural for a number of men find it hard to keep a conversation going with their girlfriends, leave alone escort girls. This might be justified to some level for after all, this a complete stranger you are talking to.

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For the London escort girls

We would be biased to give men all the tips and leave the amazing paddington escort women hanging. Most women in the trade will ask themselves, what topic are ideal? Well, here is the answer. While men are usually the first to open a conversation, listen intently for the first response will be very important. If you happen to have forehand information about what the client does, research. There are tons of information available online as well as in libraries. Make use of these, read extensively for it helps keep a lively conversation going.

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What if my client is shy? Some men are quite conservative. This only gets worse when they meet new people. The shy type could even go numb at the sight of overwhelming beauty. Since most high class London escorts are beautiful there is not much you can do about it. If he doesn’t start a small talk in time, break the silence. You can choose the common topics that you think of. Such topics include places to visit in London (especially if the client is a visitor), movies, hobbies and anything else you consider good enough. However, make sure you are well versed in the topic chosen and that it is of no emotional harm to your client.


All said and done, use the tips to the best of your knowledge. If well used it can really “spice” your time. For those who wish to date an escort in London, this first small talk play a major role in creating a good impression. Trust me a first impression can never be change, at least not anywhere on this earth.

Planning Your First Time With a London Escort

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If you’re tired of being single, but don’t want a relationship or can’t find the time to chase those one night stands, an escort might be exactly what you need to fulfill your sexual desires and release some tension. Catching a one night stands can be so drab. Imagine spending money on drinks, food, snacks and pretending to be interested in someone, only to get laid by the end of the night. And even though you’ll never call her, you still take her number and god forbid if you ever run into her on the street. You can save yourself some time and avoid an awkward situation by simply calling one of those London escort agencies and book an escort.


Choosing an Agency

In London, there are many London escort agencies to choose from. But for this you’ll need one whose ladies are more liberal and sexual. Some independent escorts in London and Manchester only charge for time while others have extra services which include sensual massages, strip teases or full out sex, so be sure to mention your explicit intentions and expectations when booking.


Book Your Escort

Once your agency is selected, you’d want to look up some of their girls and make a choice. Once you’ve found one, their rules beforehand. Yes there are rules, every escort has them. Some escorts have a long list of don’ts; find out what’s on hers before confirming the booking. Discover if she’s ok with performing oral sex and receiving anal sex. Some women are very particular and aren’t the touchy-feely type, they shy away from kissing, cuddling and touching. To some London escorts it doesn’t matter what you do, but others can be picky. If you’re into sado-masochist sex, find out if she’s ok with spanking, choking, toys and anything else you may want to perform. Some outcall london escorts would not engage in sex without protection, so if that’s not a bother, you can jump right in, literally. Some men like to talk dirty during sex, so make sure she’s ok with it if you’re into that stuff.

Book a Room

Once you’re confident with your selection, you can make plans for to secure a room. Remember; don’t book those cheap and drab rooms. You know the moldy ones with no air conditioning and a hard bed in a cramped musky room. My friend natalie who works as an Asian escorts London has some advice listed on her web-page here

Even though you’ve all pumped for a sexually charged night don’t rush into it. You both know that it’s just for the sex, but if you dive in to quickly she may think you’re treating her like a prostitute. So walk with a bottle of wine and something to munch on, even a movie if you have time.


A good point to note is to not take any pictures without her permission. When she’s paid the deal is done. Don’t imprison her by cuddling, offer to pay which would give her the option to stay or not. Follow her queues, if she doesn’t leave immediately; make up the time by talking or showering.