Hollywood Agency Helps Farmiga, Michael Hall On Charity

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Hollywood glamour in Tokyo for film festival

Five years later theyre making money, but theyre asking What am I doing? Cole: What shaped you? Rubinstein: Ive studied Buddhism for years and meditated, and I have a lot of interest in the world of spirituality and self-development, personal growth. I saw that I exist on the planet to make an impact. Even Tortillas One of my teachers said everybody loves something, even if its just tortillas, and he said everybodys heart is moved by something. Cole: How do you help a client make a decision? Rubinstein: Vera Farmiga directed, co-wrote and starred in Higher Ground, a movie about a womans search for religion or spirituality. She said she wanted to show this process with some love, not with the usual judgment, so she made a movie. Cole: What was your role? Rubinstein: I said you could direct this, and she said no thats a lot of work. Then she thought about it. She brought in the original writer of the book. I found producers and a financier.

Works from Iran and Georgia will be among those on offer, alongside several Chinese-made feature films that have been nominated for two competitions. The international film section will award the “Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix” and carries with it a $50,000 pay-cheque, while the new “Best Asian Future Film Award” section, aimed at showcasing Asian and Middle Eastern films, offers a$10,000 purse. The nine-day event begins on Thursday with the screening of Hong Kong horror flick “Rigor Mortis” directed by Juno Mak, which is in the running for the “Asian Future” award. US heavyweight father-and-daughter pairing Francis and Sofia Ford Coppola are likely to be a big draw for punters, with Sofia’s latest directorial offering “The Bling Ring” being shown in the special screening section for high-profile films. “Since the very first TIFF in 1985,… (it) has been a platform for talented young filmmakers to win international recognition and find inspiration,” organisers said in a statement. Past award winners include Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu, whose film, “Babel” won the Prix de la Mise en Scene, (Best Director Award) at Cannes in 2006, and Michel Hazanavicius, whose film, “The Artist” won five Academy Awards in 2012. Chief judge, Chinese director Chen Kaige, said in a video message: “We all understand that good films require talent. Without talent nothing can be done. “But sometimes I feel like… there is something even more important thanthe talent, which is the unique personal understanding of the world. “But strange(ly) enough… most of (the) time we could only find this kind of unique understanding of the world in the early age of a filmmaker’s career. So that’s why we want to pay very close attention to young filmmakers’ works,” he said.

Hollywood arts school gives struggling teens a second chance

Arts Recovery School - 4

Maya Sugarman/KPCC Teaching artist Dewey Tafoya works with Hollywood Media Arts Academy student Christopher on an HIV awareness poster. His design is based on dice. Maya Sugarman/KPCC Hollywood Media Arts Academy students play a game during their acting class. 50 students attend the school. Maya Sugarman/KPCC Hollywood Media Arts Academy student Stephanie takes part in a game during her acting class. The school is a partnership between the Los Angeles County Office of Education, which runs the school, and the nonprofit artworxLA. Maya Sugarman/KPCC Hollywood Media Arts Academy student Anthony has been drawing for a year and a half. Maya Sugarman/KPCC Hollywood Media Arts Academy student Anthony’s sketchbook. Maya Sugarman/KPCC Michael Alvarez works with Hollywood Media Arts Academy students Jose, left, and Ivan. The school works to prevent students from dropping out through visual and performing arts. Early last year, Jonathan Mayorga threw a punch that changed the course of his life. It happened during soccer practice at his charter school, Bright Star.