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Hollywood Steps Up Security to Keep Scripts Secret

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The reason: When a script does need to be shared, studios and producers typically use digital tools to ensure they can catch anyone who leaks or loses an emailed copyand make them as unwelcome in Hollywood as a star coming off his third flop in a row. “There is no way if one of our scripts got out that we would not know who it was from,” said Jon Landau, the producer of 2009’s all-time box-office record holder “Avatar.” One common practice is a digital watermark on a PDF of a script, which typically contains the name of the person to whom it was given and shows up when it is scanned or copied. DreamWorks SKG regularly does so because screenplays are “blueprints” for the final film, said the independent studio’s chief executive Stacey Snider. “They evolve while they’re being shot and we hate to have people think they are getting the whole picture.” But the script for DreamWorks’ movie “The Fifth Estate” about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, which comes out Friday, was posted on the WikiLeaks website last month and no watermark was evident. A spokesman for WikiLeaks didn’t respond to a request for comment. But the organization said on its website that it received “multiple versions of the script for ‘The Fifth Estate’ from several different sources.” Legendary Pictures LLC, the company behind this summer’s monster movie “Pacific Rim” and a coming film adaptation of the hit videogame “Warcraft,” makes anyone authorized to read one of its scripts purchase a special iPad app that allows them to view it for a only few hours before the digital document, like a “Mission Impossible” assignment, self-destructs. Actors on director Neill Blomkamp’s August science-fiction movie “Elysium” were given iPads with the screenplay preloaded and built-in security so they couldn’t get files off the tablet. Even adaptations of best-selling books whose plots are free to read at a library can be considered highly valuable. Every copy of the screenplays to Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.’s adaptations of the “Hunger Games” trilogy has a few different words changed. If the script appears online, executives at the studio need only check a database tracking the changes to find out whose copy was leaked and ensure that they’ll never be invited to the postapocalyptic world of Panem again. As far back as the 1980s, filmmakers occasionally used code names around certain high-profile movies.

Hollywood Music School ‘Creative Artists Elite’ launches new website

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Works from Iran and Georgia will be among those on offer, alongside several Chinese-made feature films that have been nominated for two competitions. The international film section will award the “Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix” and carries with it a $50,000 pay-cheque, while the new “Best Asian Future Film Award” section, aimed at showcasing Asian and Middle Eastern films, offers a$10,000 purse. The nine-day event begins on Thursday with the screening of Hong Kong horror flick “Rigor Mortis” directed by Juno Mak, which is in the running for the “Asian Future” award. US heavyweight father-and-daughter pairing Francis and Sofia Ford Coppola are likely to be a big draw for punters, with Sofia’s latest directorial offering “The Bling Ring” being shown in the special screening section for high-profile films. “Since the very first TIFF in 1985,… (it) has been a platform for talented young filmmakers to win international recognition and find inspiration,” organisers said in a statement. Past award winners include Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu, whose film, “Babel” won the Prix de la Mise en Scene, (Best Director Award) at Cannes in 2006, and Michel Hazanavicius, whose film, “The Artist” won five Academy Awards in 2012. Chief judge, Chinese director Chen Kaige, said in a video message: “We all understand that good films require talent. Without talent nothing can be done. “But sometimes I feel like… there is something even more important thanthe talent, which is the unique personal understanding of the world.

Recent student genres include: folk, pop, r&b, hip hop and jazz. Company executives and brother/sister team Chris and Jinny Hayman are particular in choosing instructors for each course, making sure to hire people that are associated with “current” hitmakers. October 2013, Creative Artists Elite has been nominated for the “Los Angeles Social Excellence” Award and is receiving applause from several metro Hollywood area parents looking for an intimate yet enriching music course for their teens. About CAE: Creative Artists Elite (CAE) offers an intensive, small-group collaborative sessions and workshops taught in a professional real-world environment for emerging singers, songwriters, rappers, musicians, producers, and engineers aged 14-24. CAE gives students the opportunity to work hands-on with successful professionals to develop songwriting, production, recording, performance, and business and marketing techniques. The take-away for artists is a life-changing experience and a product (i.e. recording) that they can use to develop their career. The courses have a strict enrolment policy in terms of talent, maturity and drive, so that the quality of the courses and the reputation of the company will always remain extremely high. CAE would like to be known as a one-of-a-kind, high-quality, and personalized company that provides a great deal of value to our customers and empowers artists to achieve true independent success. About Chris Hayman, Founder/CEO: Chris Hayman is that creative soul that can’t be found in a traditional classroom setting. As the Founder and CEO of Creative Artists Elite, Chris’ musical background and education has kept him afloat for many years. This England born composer began his journey into music as a student at London’s well known music school Academy of Contemporary Music.