London: Not The Crappest Town In The Uk

By admin


Then theres the expense Yeah, overly expensive things are crap, arent they? By the way, Shit Londons latest book is 3 cheaper than yours. Ergo yours is over-priced, and thus crap. Thats a completely spurious argument. Thats a false analogy. Your arguments well rigorous, though, isnt it? After all, the 100,000 people surveyed is a whole 0.16% of the British population. Thats statistically significant. More than youd get for a YouGov poll. But even if it was small, I wouldnt be worried, as people are expressing honest and very deeply felt opinions. I see. I did a survey of 150 Time Out staffs honest opinions and 100% of them said you were an anus face. Good. Fine. thats a valid opinion.

ICBC bond: latest step on London’s road to RMB dominance

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